Create an Angels & Allies Roadmap for 2018

Thank you 2017! Welcome 2018 with your Angels & Allies


Lets come together to celebrate and honor the wisdom we have learned in 2017  and welcome 2018 with your team of angels and allies!


First we will meditate with angels to clear our chakras and invite the divine energy of the

angelic realm to assist us in seeing how we have turned our wounds into wisdom this past


ln a sacred circle, we will share our wisdom gained and open to release what no longer

serves us, as we walk into 2018 with more grace and ease.

Using angel oracle cards you will create a joyful and positive angelic roadmap to guide and

support you in the new year.

To register just click the link below, email

Saturday, December 30 —  10:00am – 12:00pm


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