Pál Kokity, BS, LMT

Bodywork isn’t a job to me, it is a passion. I enjoy working with my hands, I love working with people, and I am fascinated by how amazingly complex our bodies are. I consider it a privilege and value the trust that clients give to me to help assist them with their therapeutic needs.  With over 11 years in practice, I still consider myself a student, seeing what new lessons there are to be learned.

Whatever your relaxation or therapeutic needs are, I have the training and experience to be able to work with you from an energetic, neuro-muscular, and myofascial (connective tissue) approach. Here is a list of the modalities that I incorporate:

–  John Barnes’ Myofascial Release

–  Structural Energetic Therapy® 

–  Traditional Thai Massage

–  Cranial-Sacral Bodywork

–  Cranial-Facial Therapy (aka the “Face-lift” Massage)

–  Reflexology 

–  Aromatherapy

–  Reiki

For more information email Pál at pkokity@yahoo.com call him at 630-220-8550 or check out his website at www.kokitymassage.com.

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