Saturday & Sunday,  June 29th & 30th

Alana Fairchild

Sacred Weekend Event

Weekend Investment
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Join Alana for a Sacred Weekend Event
Gathering is limited to 22 beautiful souls!

Saturday 29th June 2019

Join Alana Fairchild for a deeply moving and uplifting gathering of divine energy and spiritual empowerment. In sacred space, we open up to the vitalising and healing energies of sacred rebels and earth warriors. These are the energies that we tune into within our own souls as we seek freedom from what has been and the energy needed to live new truths, creatively and with courage and joy.

We will journey through Alana’s unique combination of play, meditation, music, healing and sacred ritual, tuning into the abundance of spiritual energy that manifests during her events. Join us for a positively circuit-breaking day of hilarity, blessing and sacred wisdom.

Encounters with the Sacred Feminine
Sunday 30th June 2019

Together with Alana Fairchild we raise the shakti and embrace generous blessings of abundance, grace and deep restoration. From the wild Black Goddess of India, Kali, to the luminous winged goddess of light, Isis, and the cosmic Tibetan protector goddess Tara, we transform negativity into wisdom, and open to radical spiritual grace and divine intervention that our path may become open, clear, prosperous and positive, bringing benefit to all beings. Let’s play in her love, light, wisdom and power. Jai ma!


In sacred space we surrender into the empowering field of healing that the Sacred Feminine provides. We open our hearts to the three-fold flame of goddesses Kali, Tara and Isis. This sacred goddess trinity of Kali, Isis and Tara brings us directly into union with our courage, our capacity for aliveness and our ability to attract blessing, protection and liberation. Here is our heart evolution into empowerment and authenticity, repair after struggle and gentle yet powerful liberation into grace.