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Fridays, October 6 and 20    10:00am – 2:30pm

Crystal Angel Reiki

Reiki Training and Attunement with Jill Kempner

Reiki is an ancient form of energy medicine that can be used to bring cellular healing and transformation to your body, mind and spirit.

Crystal Angel Reiki 1,2,3 Training includes:

• An Attunement to the Reiki Lineage

• Basic knowledge of energy anatomy including layers of the aura and the 12 spiritual chakras

• The first 5 sacred Reiki symbols— meaning, uses and application

• Reiki self care template and Reiki lnvocation

• Step by step instruction on how to give a full Reiki session

• Both giving and receiving a complete Reiki session

• Creating a crystal grid

• A Crystal Angel Reiki manual

Crystal Angel Reiki expands on the traditional Reiki 1, 2, 3 by connecting each Reiki symbol with one of the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air and storm) and their associated crystals. Each symbol is also linked to the Archangels who support and enhance the sacred energy within each Reiki symbol.

This training is 8 hours and payment options are available.

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